Cardcloud launches new iPhone app

05 October — Cardcloud announced the release of the new iPhone app today. Cardcloud for iPhone allows iOS users to easily create and share online business cards.

September 2011

  1. Sep 19

    Cardcloud for Android

    Cardcloud announced the release of the official Android app today. Cardcloud for Android allows Android users to easily create and share online business cards.

May 2011

  1. May 03

    Cardcloud turns LinkedIn profiles into online business cards

    Cardcloud announces LinkedIn integration into their signup process, enabling new users to easily set up an online business card populated with information from their existing LinkedIn profile. After a successfully integrated The Next Web Conference 2011, Cardcloud will be implementing support for Google I/O 2011, WWDC 2011, TechCrunch Disrupt NYC and Next Conference.

April 2011

  1. Apr 18

    Cardcloud is your online business card.

    Tens of billions of paper business cards are printed worldwide each year, with reason: people want to exchange their contact details quickly and effortlessly. Following up on this dated medium is far from efficient, and meeting context gets lost when many cards have been exchanged. Cardcloud aims to transition paper business cards to the next level, by providing a platform that handles new connections through digital card exchanges via mobile applications and the web.