Cardcloud launches new iPhone app

Create, edit, and share cards on the go

Cardcloud announced the release of the new iPhone app today. Cardcloud for iPhone allows iOS users to easily create and share online business cards.

Cardcloud for iPhone

Cardcloud announced the release of a brand new iPhone app today. Cardcloud for iPhone allows users to easily create and share online business cards.

The application allows people to share an infinite stack of business cards with anyone: recipients do not need to have an app installed on their phone. Cardcloud for iPhone can send beautiful online business cards directly to an email address. These cards can be viewed and saved directly from the email.

Sent cards contain contacts information, links to social networks, a profile picture and an optional company logo. Included is a vCard for fast storage on a local device or service.

Cardcloud for iPhone is ready for peer to peer transfers between users of the app. Support for card transfers from iPhone to iPhone, as well as iPhone to Android and vice versa. 

Cardcloud aims to leverage business cards to the next level by adding context to each new contact. Notes can be added to cards, and geolocation for each sent card is stored per contact - viewable from the app, as well as from the website.

Full feature list

  • Brand new design
  • Create/edit cards directly from your phone
  • Add contact information, social networks and a profile pictures to cards
  • Share a card by email (recipient does not require the app)
  • Beam a card from phone to phone
  • Actvity stream with all cards exchanged
  • Add notes to received cards
  • View location of meeting
  • Import contact information and create cards by scanning a QR code

About Cardcloud

Cardcloud is a privately funded company based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 

"WIth this update, Cardcloud is on par with our latest Android release - and providing a balanced user experience on both major platforms. " Joris Kluivers, CTO
About Cardcloud

Cardcloud is a privately funded company based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Our team consists of international talent in development, design and management. We’re backed by fantastic business angels to pursue our goal of taking business cards to the next level.